Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist

That’s a sexy question – eh? Take a taste of a HOT fellow writer from Naughty Nights Press and a sexy release… Purr babies

Naughty Nights Press would like you be CAPTIVATED AND CONTROLLED the new release by the talented and sexually enigmatic Raymond Frazee. Let Raymond tickle your fancy as he delves into the world of BDSM, Kinks and Fetishes.

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Captivate and Control by Raymond Frazee


For anyone who has ever wondered, this story is a tasty treat into a small “slice of the BDSM lifestyle”.

Not your everyday book about a man meeting a girl in a bar and they hook up for a night of wicked passion and lust.

This is a very simple, engaging tale, of light/introductory BDSM erotic romance however; the story covers a lot…

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