Raine Delight

Fantasies & Flashes

The simply amazing thing about being an erotic author is getting to live out fantasies in vivid color when you’re writing. I can be all kinds of women, dominate or submissive, whatever mood I’m in. And, I can act on a whim without repercussions – try any toy, position, or amount of partners that my lusty imagination can come up with.  I mean, really, anything goes.

As a single gal, coming up on Valentine’s Day this year, I couldn’t help but see the holiday from both camps – the haters and the lovers. What I found out is that some lovers are haters too, of the holiday that is LOL So, it was fantasy time! In Seeing Red, I came up with a very successful business lady, strong and just a bit jaded against the holiday. I handed her two women and two men and a lot…

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