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Rawiya Erotica

Good morning! Welcome to the Romancing the Hop BLOGHOP hosted by Carrie Ann Ryan!

I love doing hops because you get the chance to visit so many authors, seasoned and new. Our theme? The best thing about romance. What could be better than that? Nothing.

Set the scene: Two people who are different with issues, hangups, or some kind of problems that stand in the way of happiness. They avoid each other at first for fear of getting hurt. Then eventually, they work out their problems and get together for some hot scorching sex AND a long time relationship. Well, hopefully that is the end result.

That’s what I love about romance. Bringing my two characters together, no matter what race, gender, or background. Love is love regardless.

I recall when I was younger and grabbed my grandma’s romance books. *laughs* A lot of them old Harlequins.

This wasn’t one…

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