Last day for your chance to win! Don’t miss it!

Happy Holidays everyone.

Since this is the season of giving I’m having a contest where you can win a copy of my short story “Yuletide In Telluride : A Christmas Cuckold Story”

Here’s a little taste of what you’ll get inside.

Marcus thrusts his hips forward.  Alanna pulls her legs together and shortens his stroke.  She giggles.

Remember how I used to make you go for it?”

Marcus clenches his jaw.  He remembers all too well how Alanna uses her statuesque frame to create maximum frustration until he’d have to over power her to get inside her sweet pussy.  It was all in good fun but Marcus is in no mood to wrestle her into submission.  Instead, he reaches underneath Alanna and places two fingers on opposite ends at the base of her spine.  He draws his hips back and applies pressure with his fingers.  She gasps as the…

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