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Greetings readers. It is my pleasure to welcome Kiki Howell to my blog with a guest post promoing her latest release, A War in the Willows from my pub, Naughty Nights Press!

Guest Post: Writing to Rant and to Escape

Yeah, I know, what does this all have to do with some dark, erotic, paranormal romantic suspense series? Well, let me try to explain…

So often, after too much time on social media sites, or the off chance I catch the news, it’s easy to start viewing the world with a half-empty glass frame of mind. School bullies, judgmental adults, etc, can start to bring one down in their view of humanity. How do I process this all as a peace-maker, why can’t we just all get along, type person? Well, in my mind I get ticked…okay, steaming mad… You can feel sorry for my husband now. I’ll wait. LOL

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