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Swear Words Are My Thing



Greetings folks! This is the wicked gal speaking with another post about another of my favorite topics, writing. o.O Specifically swear words! Ha! Yes I love to curse within my stories. Doesn’t matter if it’s the character or me as the narrator throughout the text, a swear word really helps to get the feelings on paper.


Think about it. When do YOU swear? When you’re emotional about something right? Did someone cut you off when you tried getting over in the next lane? How about when stopped by a cop for talking on the phone when you shouldn’t? Um, not at the cop, at yourself for being so damn stupid! ;P (Shar’s been there done that) *winks* Or you swore when you hit your foot on the side of the bed and of course, my fave when you’ve achieved orgasm while…

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